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Frequently asked questions

Here are answers to the most common issues our customers face. If you cannot find an answer to your questions on this page, please contact us directly.

Pay for your parking

We offer several payment options at our facilities. Usually, you will always find a payment kiosk and at least one digital payment option.

Read more about app payment and available payment options for our parking facilities.

Parking rental

We offer parking at a monthly, fixed rate at several of our parking facilities.

Find rates and terms for your desired parking facility.

Charging options

You will find charging stations for your vehicle in all of our parking garages. To charge your vehicle, you will need to supply your own Mode 3 Type 2 charging cable.

In ByGarasjen there is a separate area with 54 charging stations for charging your vehicle. The charging area on level 2 has a separate entry/exit and additional parking fees apply.

Parking with a trailer

Parking is not allowed for vehicles with trailers in any of our parking garages or outdoor parking areas.

Height limit

ByGarasjen: 200 cm

KlosterGarasjen: 200 cm

NordnesGarasjen: 180 cm

Nøstetorget P-hus: 220 – 180 cm

SolheimsGarasjen: 180 cm

Damages to vehicle

Unfortunately, sometimes a vehicle may get damaged while parked at one of our facilities. Vehicles park at their own risk, but we will always be available to help investigate any damages that have occurred when parked at out facilities. We have 24/7 surveillance in all our parking garages, and you can request for us to review surveillance footage through a written enquiry to We ask that you get in touch as soon as possible or no later than 5 days after the incident, as all footage is automatically deleted after 7 days. Do note that if footage is to be shared externally, this can only be done by the police authorities.

Reserved parking

It is not possible to reserve parking at our parking facilities. We usually have free capacity in ByGarasjen and KlosterGarasjen. Visit for a realtime overview of available parking spaces at our facilities.

Barrier-free parking

All our parking garages are barrier-free. ByGarasjen, GriegGarasjen and KlosterGarasjen use barrier-free automatic number plate recognition, meaning that they also are ticket-free.

NordnesGarasjen uses its own, innovative form of automatic number plate recognition on each singular parking spot.

SolheimsGarasjen does not use automatic number plate recognition and payment must be done before leaving the vehicle. Payment can be made at the payment kiosk or by using the app EasyPark.

Discount for electric vehicles

A 25% discount is applied on regular rates for electric vehicles in ByGarasjen, NordnesGarasjen and SolheimsGarasjen. In ByGarasjen and NordnesGarasjen, the discount is applied automatically to vehicles with standard Norwegian EV-number plates (containing the prefix EB, EK etc.). In SolheimsGarasjen, you must select “electric vehicle” pricing at the payment kiosk. You will also get the discount automatically when using EasyPark in all of the mentioned facilities, as long as you have standard EV-plates.

Do you have an electric vehicle with non-standard plates?

Contact our customer service center at ByGarasjen to register your discount manually when you park. If you wish to park on a regular basis, consider a monthly, fixed rate parking agreement – leave a comment in the order form indicating that your electric vehicle has non-standard plates.

Persons with disabilities

Parking at facilities with prepayment

People with disabilities in possession of  disability card are exempt from regular parking fees at our outdoors parking facilities where payment is made at the start of the visit (SolheimsGarasjen, Høyteknologisenteret, Kirkebukten and Munkebryggen). Remember to place your disability card so that it is visible from outside your vehicle.


Parking at facilities with automatic number plate recognition

Persons with disabilities in possession of a disability card are exempt from regular parking fees in ByGarasjen, KlosterGarasjen and in NordnesGarasjen.

In ByGarasjen, the examption only applies when the total parking visit duration is less than 24 hours. Parking visits longer than 24 hours will be charged according to regular rates for the entirety of the stay. There are 10 parking spaces reserved for people with disabilities in ByGarasjen, 6 are located towards Bergen Storsenter on level 1, 4 on level 2. To attain the exemption, you must visit the customer service center on level 1 before the end of your visit. Present your disability card and an exempt will be issued for the ongoing parking visit.

To register for parking fee exemption in KlosterGarasjen and NordnesGarasjen, contact our customer service center in advance of your visit, or before exiting the parking facility.

Visitors with disabilities are not exempt from regular parking fees in GriegGarasjen.


None of our parking garages are suited for motorhomes, neither are our outdoor parking facilities.

Visit Bergen kommune’s websites for information regarding motorhome parking.

Parking fines

Parking fines – or sanction fees – are issued when the parking terms and regulations have been violated. The fine is most commonly issued for failure to pay or other violations of the parking provisions or terms.

All sanction fees include an account number and KID for payment in addition to information for appealing the fine. Read more about how to appeal a parking fine.

Long-term parking

Long-term parking – continuous parking over several days – is available at ByGarasjen, GriegGarasjen and KlosterGarasjen. In ByGarasjen, discounts when paying for long-term parking beforehand are also available.

You may also want to consider monthly fixed rate parking rental.

Motorcycles, mopeds and four-wheeled moped cars

Standard parking terms apply for mopeds, motorcycles and four-wheeled moped cars. No discounts are applicable and parking outside marked parking spaces is not allowed.

In ByGarasjen there are exemptions for short-term parking. Two-wheeled mopeds and motorcycles are exempt from parking fees when the parking duration is less than 24 hours on dedicated parking spaces for motorcycles and mopeds (on the left-hand side when entering level 2).

To register for exemption, visit our customer service center located by the exit at level 1 and provide your plate number. This must be done after entering, but before exiting the facility. The exemption is valid for one parking visit, even if you have registered automatic payment in Sesam Sesam.