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Appeal a parking fine

A sanction fee, also known as a parking fine, is issued when the parking terms have been infringed. The fine is most commonly issued for failure to pay or other violations of the parking provisions or terms.

According to the Norwegian Ministry of Transport’s parking regulations of January 1st 2017, there are three rates applicable to parking violations:

  • NOK 330,-
  • NOK 660,-
  • NOK 990,-

All parking fines include an account number and KID for payment.


All appeals regarding sanction fees have to be submitted in writing to Bergen Parkering AS through a dedicated appeals form. Information about this appeals form can be found on your sanction fee. A written appeal must be submitted within three weeks after the fine has been issued. You can find a direct link to the online complaints form here.

The fine can only be waived if there are formal errors with the imposition. If the parking in question violated any parking terms or regulations, the appeal will fail. The Norwegian Parking Appeal Tribunal has processed many appeals and has established a precedence register.

The Norwegian Parking Appeal Tribunal

The Norwegian Parking Appeal Tribunal is a dispute resolution tribunal that seeks to resolve disputes between the vehicle owner and entities managing parking facilities. You may file an appeal directly to the tribunal if you have already filed a complaint to the parking facility manager in question.

For more information about parking regulations and rules, visit Norpark.