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Paying with your phone

Our parking facilities ByGarasjen and KlosterGarasjen now allows you to pay for your parking using Sesam Sesam or EasyPark on your phone.

We were the first to offer automatic number-plate recognition in Bergen in 2015 through Sesam Sesam. Now automated parking solutions has become the standard. This means that there are a variety of new apps designed to simplify your parking experience. We want you to be able to decide for yourself which service to use when paying for your parking and are now able to offer both Sesam Sesam and EasyPark as payment solutions for ByGarasjen and KlosterGarasjen.

What if I have both Sesam Sesam and EasyPark on my phone?

If you have active accounts on both apps, Sesam Sesam will be used.

What if I have EasyPark and not Sesam Sesam, but no active account?

Your account must be activated before visiting one of our parking facilities. If your account is not active, you can use one of our other payment options. You can also manually register your parking in the EasyPark app.

Do I risk being charged twice?

No, a parking session can only be matched to one account at a time. You don’t have to worry about getting charged twice if you have both apps.

Does EasyPark charge extra?

EasyPark has an additional 15% fee (minimum NOK 4) when parking. Visit EasyPark for more information.

What if I have a Sesam Sesam account but wish to use EasyPark instead?

You can deactivate your Sesam Sesam account. This must be done before entering the parking facility. Read more at Sesam Sesam.

Contact Sesam Sesam



Phone: 53 69 94 00

Email: Contact EasyPark

Phone: 23 30 88 80