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GriegGarasjen is a beautiful and modern parking facility beneath the famous concert hall Grieghallen in the center of Bergen. Bergen Parkering AS overtook the parking operations in this facility on August 16th.

Available parking spaces
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Available charging stations
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GriegPark is now GriegGarasjen!

Bergen Parkering AS took over parking operations of the parking facility beneath Grieghallen on August 16th 2021. In connection with this, the facility received a “make over”, including a new name. GriegPark is now GriegGarasjen! Another main part of this “make over”, is introducing a brand new barrier-free parking system – Sesam Sesam!

How to pay


GriegGarasjen is a barrier-free parking garage with automatic number-plate recognition. Register an account with Sesam Sesam or EasyPark and payment is done automatically.

Download Sesam Sesam through Google Play or App Store.

Download EasyPark through Google Play eller i App Store.

Learn how it works.

Other payment options

In GriegGarasjen you will find a payment kiosk by the entrance to the parking garage in the middle on Edvard Griegs Plass. The payment kiosk does not accept cash payment, but you can use both VISA and MasterCard.

You can also pay for your parking online within 48 hours after your visit. Any unpaid parking visits will be automatically invoiced to the vehicle’s registered owner or leasee.

Opening hours: 24/7

Height limit: 2,05 m

Trailers are not allowed

Renting a parking space

A contract for parking space rental can be entered into at any time. Payment is done by invoice and in advance for every month. The contract can be canceled one month in advance, calculated from the current month. The contract allows you to enter/exit the parking facility using automatic number-plate recognition (ANPR).

  • Starting price: 3000 NOK per month.

We offer special discounts for high volume clients. Please contact us for an offer.

Rent a space

Electric cars, HC, mopeds and motorcycles

Electric cars, visitors with disabilities and a special permit, mopeds and motorcycles are not exempt from the usual rates in GriegGarasjen. Regular terms apply. Parking outside clearly marked parking spots is not allowed.

Forgot to pay?

If you have exited the parking facility without having an active account, and you have not paid at the payment kiosk, you can pay online at within 48 hours of exiting.

If you do not pay for your parking using any of the available payment alternatives, an invoice will we sent to the owner or lessee of the vehicle. Please note that an invoicing fee of NOK 39,- will be added.

Rates and prices

  • Monday – Saturday 07:00 – 19:00: 23 NOK per 30 min
  • Monday – Saturday 19:00 – 07:00: 11,50 NOK per 30 min
  • Sunday 00 -24: 11,50 NOK per 30 min
  • Daily rate*: 280 NOK

* Applies only to continuous parking visits

Rates are charged per started 30 minute interval.

Visitors with disabilities

There are places reserved for people with reduced mobility in GriegGarasjen, both on level U2 and on level U3. NOTE! These are not exempt from payment. Ordinary conditions apply to parking with proof of mobility impairment as well.

Charging stations

Number of charging stations: 4

Plug type: Type 2 Mode 3

Max effect: 3,6 kW

There is an additional fee for parking inside the charging area. Payment must be made manually through the EasyPark app, using a specific area code: 10634. First, start your charging session in the app. When it is done, you can connect to the charging station. Remember to stop the session in the app when you are done charging!

This additional charging fee is added to the regular rates. This means that the fee for charging is independent from special discounts, monthly rates etc.

Rates for charging: 8 NOK per 30 min*

*Additional fees by third-party app provider may apply.

Parking restrictions on U2

Maximum parking time at U2 (Dovregubbens hall) is 24 hours. This is because the hall can sometimes be closed to hold trade fairs and other events. This is announced in the parking garage and on our website in advance, but be aware that you must use one of the other plans for long-term parking.