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KlosterGarasjen is a 24/7 parking garage located in the Bergen city center.

Available spaces
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Available charging stations
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How to pay


KlosterGarasjen is a barrier-free parking garage with automatic number-plate recognition. Register an account with Sesam Sesam or EasyPark and payment is done automatically.

Download Sesam Sesam through Google Play or App Store.

Download EasyPark through Google Play or App Store.

Read more about how it works.

Other payment options

In KlosterGarasjen you will find payment kiosks by the entrance to Markveien/Veiten and on level D by the elevator/stairs in the northern end towards Klosteret/Muren.

The payment kiosks accept both VISA and MasterCard. The payment kiosk in Markeveien also accepts coins.

You can also pay for your parking online within 48 hours after your visit. Any unpaid parking visits will be automatically invoiced to the vehicle’s registered owner (invoice fee 39 NOK).

Opening hours: 24 hours

Total parking spaces: 940

Height limit: 2 m

Parking space width: approx. 2,5 m

Trailers are not allowed

Renting a parking space

A contract for parking space rental can be entered into at any time. Payment is done by invoice and in advance for every month. The contract can be canceled one month in advance, calculated from the current month. The contract allows you to enter/exit the parking facility using automatic number-plate recognition (ANPR).

  • Rate: 3500 NOK per month

Rent a parking space

Charging stations in KlosterGarasjen

KlosterGarasjen’s charging stations are located on level E.

  • Number of charging stations: 24
  • Plug type: Type 2 Mode 3
  • Max effect: 16 A

The rates and prices for charging in KlosterGarasjen are as follows:

  • Monday – Sunday 00 – 24: 6 NOK per 30 min*
  • The charging fee is automatically calculated as long as the car is parked on a parking spot with a charging station.

* Charged by the minute.

Any chargeable vehicles can use the charging stations. Vehicles parked at charging stations that are not charging may be issued a penalty charge.To charge your car, you will need a charging cable which you plug into the charging column. You need a Mode 3 cable that fits your car in one end and a Type 2 plug in the other end.

We recommend using the Sesam Sesam app and creating an account to pay for charging and parking in KlosterGarasjen. You can also pay for your charging and your parking online within 48 hours after your visit. Any unpaid parking visits will be automatically invoiced to the vehicle’s registered owner (invoice fee 39 NOK). NB! Please note that payment for charging is not available at the payment kiosks.

Electric cars, HC, mopeds and motorcycle

Electric cars, visitors with disabilities and a special permit, mopeds and motorcycles are not exempt from the usual rates in KlosterGarasjen. Regular terms apply. Parking outside clearly marked parking spots is not allowed.

If you forgot to pay

If you have exited the parking facility without having an active account, and you have not paid at the payment kiosk, you can pay online at within 48 hours of exiting.

If you do not pay for your parking using any of the available payment alternatives, an invoice will we sent to the vehicle’s registered owner (invoice fee 39 NOK).

Rates and prices

  • Monday – Saturday 07:00 – 19:00: 23 NOK per 30 min
  • Monday – Saturday 19:00 – 07:00: 11,50 NOK per 30 min
  • Sunday 00 -24: 11,50 NOK per 30 min
  • Daily rate*: 280 NOK

* Applies only to continuous parking visits

Visitors with disabilities

There are 12 parking spaces reserved for people with disabilities in KlosterGarasjen. There are two spaces at each end of plan B, D and F. Visitors with disabilities are exempt from parking fees. Contact our customer service for more information about parking for people with disabilities.


KlosterGarasjen is equipped with perimeter alarms and camera surveillance.

The doors open automatically when exiting. If you want to enter while the doors are closed, you can use either your parking ticket, your credit or debit card or the call button.

Each floor is equipped with a fire alarm system with voice alerts and sprinkler system for rapid firefighting. The fire alarm automatically alerts the Bergen fire department.

KlosterGarasjen has multiple emergency exits, clearly marked with signs and lights. If the power were to go out, the backup generator will turn on and the doors will open. Lights, elevators and other functions will be up and running again within a few seconds.

KlosterGarasjen has an advanced ventilation system that distributes fresh air to all floors. If a fire were to break out, or smoke accumulate, the ventilation system for the affected floors will be reversed and the smoke be extracted. At the same time the airflow of unaffected floors will be increased. The stairwells will be pressurized, preventing smoke from entering.

4G LTE is available throughout KlosterGarasjen.

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