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Munkebryggen is an outside parking area with hourly rates. The parking area is open all hours. Payment is done before leaving the vehicle, through payment kiosk or app.

Hourly rate: NOK 34,-

Total parking spaces: 19


How to pay


Payment is done before leaving your vehicle, either though payment kiosk or app. At Munkebryggen you can pay for your parking with EasyPark. Use the payment group 6021.

Download Easypark through Google Play or App Store.

Please note that only 19 parking spots are available for hourly parking. Find them along the fence towards the road. Follow the applicable signage when parking.

Payment kiosk

The payment kiosk is located by the fence towards the main road, between Holbergskaien and Munkebryggen.

You can pay using cash or card. Remember to place your ticket carefully to ensure good visibility.

Please note that some parking spaces are reserved for renting customers or guests with special permission. Follow the applicable signage when parking.

Opening hours: 24 hours

Max length of stay: 24 hours

Hourly rate: NOK 34,-

Minimum rate: 30 min