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Munkebryggen is an outdoors parking area with hourly rates. The parking area is open all hours. Payment is done before leaving the vehicle, through payment kiosk or app.

17 NOK per 30 min

Total parking spaces: 19


How to pay


Payment is done before leaving your vehicle, either though payment kiosk or app. At Munkebryggen you can pay for your parking with EasyPark. Use the payment group 6021.

Download Easypark through Google Play or App Store.

Please note that only 19 parking spots are available for hourly parking. Find them along the fence towards the road. Follow the applicable signage when parking.

Payment kiosk

The payment kiosk is located by the fence towards the main road, between Holbergskaien and Munkebryggen.

You can pay using cash or card. Remember to place your ticket carefully to ensure good visibility.

Please note that some parking spaces are reserved for renting customers or guests with special permission. Follow the applicable signage when parking.

Opening hours: 24 hours

Max length of stay: 10 hours

17 NOK per 30 min

Minimum rate: 30 min


Rates and prices

Rates and prices for parking at Munkebryggen are as follows:

  • 17 NOK per 30 min
  • Max length of parking stay: 10 hours

Mopeds and motorbikes

Mopeds and motorbikes (two-wheeled and four-wheeled) are not exempt from payment when parking at Munkebryggen. Ordinary parking conditions apply. Parking outside a marked field is not permitted.

Motorhomes and campervans

None of our parking areas are dimensioned or suitable for motorhome parking. Outdoor parking at Munkebryggen is not dimensioned or suitable for mobile home parking either. The area is only for short-term parking and has a maximum parking time of 10 hours. It is therefore not possible to leave motorhomes overnight. We recommend checking Bergen municipality’s website for more information on mobile home parking in Bergen.

HC and reduced mobility

Visitors with a parking permit for people with reduced mobility are exempted from payment. There are two reserved HC spaces at Munkebryggen, both at the end of the parking row closest to the city centre. The parking permits for people with reduced mobility needs to be placed visibly behind the vehicle’s windshield during the entire parking stay.

Electric vehicles

Ordinary parking conditions abnd rates apply to electric vehicles at Munkebryggen. There are no charging possibilites. If you need to charge your vehicle, we recommend KlosterGarasjen which is nearby.


Parking with a trailer is prohibited in all our parking facilities, both parking garages and outdoor parking areas, including Munkebryggen.