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NordnesGarasjen is open between 06:00 and 24:00 every day. Payment is done before leaving the vehicle, through payment kiosk or app.

Available charging stations
right now:


How to pay


Payment is done before leaving your vehicle, either though payment kiosk or app. At NordnesGarasjen, you can pay for your parking with EasyPark. Use the payment group 6011.

Download Easypark through Google Play or App Store.

Payment kiosk

The payment kiosk is located against the wall by the entry point of the garage. You can pay using cash or card. Remember to place your ticket carefully to ensure good visibility.

Opening hours: 06:00 – 24:00

Total parking spaces: 83

height limit: 1,8 m

Parking space width:  approx. 2,3 m

Trailers are not allowed

Parking rental

Due to the large volume of cars with rental spaces and limited capacity, we aren’t accepting any new rental customers in NordnesGarasjen at this time. Please contact us for information about any vacancies in the same area.

A contract for parking rental can be entered into at any time. Payment is done by invoice and in advance for every month. The contract can be canceled one month in advance, calculated from the current month.

  • Ordinary rates starting August 1st 2022: 1 650 NOK per month (1 500 NOK until July 31st 2022).

We also offer parking rental for electric and hydrogen cars with a 50% discount, when capacity at the facility allows it.

  • Discounted EV rates starting August 1st 2022: 825 NOK per month (750 NOK until July 31st 2022).

Rent a parking space

Discount for electric and hydrogen cars

Electric cars with standard Norwegian EV-number plates (starting with EB, EK, etc.) get a 50% discount on regular rates. The discount is applied when choosing the car class “Elbil” using the payment kiosk. The discount is applied automatically when paying using EasyPark, using the same number plate distinction.

The discount is also applicable for parking rental.

Charging stations in NordnesGarasjen

You will find the charging stations on the right when entering NordnesGarasjen.

  • Available charging stations: 9
  • Contact type: Type 2 Mode 3
  • Max effect: 16 A

Any chargeable vehicles can use the charging stations. Vehicles parked at charging stations that are not charging may be issued a penalty charge.

Rates and prices

The rates and prices for parking in NordnesGarasjen are as follows, valid from July 1st 2022:
  • Monday – Sunday 00 – 24: 32 NOK per hour
  • Daily rate*: 220 NOK
  • 50% discount for electric vehicles

* Applies only to continuous parking visits

Visitors with disabilities

Vehicles with issued disability permits (blue HC card) may park at no cost.

Access outside opening hours

The garage port is closed outside opening hours. Contact our customer service center at 55 56 88 70 or use the call-button if you require entry or exit.

Mopeds and motorcycles

Mopeds and motorcycles are not exempt from parking fees in NordnesGarasjen. Regular parking terms apply. Parking outside marked parking spaces is not allowed.